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Mmm, Smells Like Republican Spin

You know when the is working, because you can hear the little hamsters running on their wheels.

The new talking point is that the surge is working, and the public knows it, because they aren’t concerned about the war anymore.

Some points that the Right won’t bring up, because they will do everything, from hurting our national security to sacrificing our men and women, to keep their party from going down in 2008.

First, we knew the surge would work. Flooding any area with troops will decrease violence. I don’t recall anyone ever saying that the surge wouldn’t decrease violence. We knew it would, but we also knew that once the surge was done (remember, we don’t have the troops needed to keep the surge going any longer), the civil war would continue, as there aren’t any political gains made.

Which brings us to number two, which is the fact that we are still fighting a civil war, no matter how much Republicans pretend that we are fighting terrorists. No amount of short troop spikes is going to solve this civil war, and no amount of pretending we are fighting terrorists is going to end a civil war. The fact that Republicans are even suggesting this, shows that they are not fit to lead. If they don’t realize that a civil war cannot be solved in this manner, why should we vote them to power? They are obviously ignorant… two-fold if they think we are there to fight terrorists.

Third, I’m not sure where they get the idea that America doesn’t care about the war anymore. Americans, besides the few Republicans that are left, do greatly care about the war, and they also realize that the surge is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. The problem, though, is that we finally realize that Republicans don’t care about our national security, and that Democrats are not able to end this war until next election. What, exactly, is America supposed to do, besides vote? We know that we have no say anymore on this issue, and we know that there are other issues currently hurting us that we can focus on. Perhaps if we focus on the economy, our leaders will decide to do something about that…

But I doubt it, because it seems that our representatives are completely out of touch with us.

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